Criminal Background Check

The Criminal Background Check is used in insurance investigations to uncover information in a person’s past which sheds light on their claim or discredits information they have provided. It is a crucial tool in the investigation of a person suspected of liability insurance fraud and workers compensation insurance fraud. (If you are looking for background checks in other areas, select Personal Background Checks, Legal Background Investigation, or Business Background Checks Professional Results.)

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A thorough criminal background check is not limited to past crimes or criminal activity. It includes verification of personal information such as Social Security number, name confirmation, discovery of aliases or AKA’s, confirmation of date of birth and names of family members. It also includes searches of civil records to see if the claimant has a history of lawsuits or other litigation. The criminal records search for past crimes or fraud convictions is also a key element of the criminal background investigation. We also run a search of past workers compensation filings which are listed with the South Carolina Worker Compensation Commission.

The comprehensive criminal background check involves field undercover work. At this level we obtain more subtle information on the background of the subject, including personal habits, personality, associations, dating/marital status, substance abuse and other in-depth information to give a complete profile of the subject.

The chart below describes the various services we offer in regard to the criminal background check. Note that the last category on the chart describes the Background/ Asset combination. Choose this search if you want to know about a person’s assets as well as their background. For a free consultation or to get started right away on your criminal background check project, call us for service throughout South Carolina and the US at (843) 472-2635 or e-mail us.

Background Investigation Options

Search LevelDescriptionCost
Level One Background
(Pre-employment search)
Name and Social Security number verification Age and year of birth scan Local court search for misdemeanors Countywide search for felonies Countywide search for civil court cases Department of Motor Vehicles driving record Employment verification and education verification Fixed Fee- $180*
Level Two Background Includes Level One plus additional sources Includes search for relatives, associates, and marital status Includes fraud scan for aliases and false Social Security numbers Address history with dates of residence Also includes bankruptcies, judgments, foreclosures, evictions, tax liens and many other indicators such as civil cases, divorces Countywide court search for misdemeanors Statewide felony search in South Carolina Local search for municipal civil cases, statewide civil court cases in South Carolina Fixed Fee- $240*
Level Three Background Includes Level One and Level Two Background Investigations Education, business and professional history, military service Source of income, and business affiliations Includes confidential source information Family background and marital history Search for Federal criminal cases Nationwide bankruptcies and tax liens Avg $300 & up
Background & Asset Combination
Background & Asset Combination Combines Level Two Asset and Level Two Background Investigations A complete wide-ranging profile of your subject Asset portion gives a broad asset profile to gauge net worth; including real property, vehicles, business affiliations and ownership, liabilities, bankruptcies, etc Background portion gives personal profile, including criminal research, (felonies and misdemeanors), civil cases, divorces, driver record, age confirmation, aliases, relatives, address history and false Social Security numbers Often used for business due diligence, prenuptial, dating and executive pre-employment

*Some persons with common names, evasive behavior or extremely active profiles may require an additional research fee.

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