Workers Compensation Investigation

The agents at True Solutions LLC have provided insurance fraud investigation services in South Carolina for years. Professional insurance fraud investigation is the key to limiting your exposure to frivolous insurance liability claims. At True Solutions LLC you have experienced fraud investigators on your team who have the skill you need when it comes to sniffing out fraudulent claims and proving the case with cold hard facts.

We cover all aspects of insurance fraud investigation, from the early gathering of evidence, to preservation of the scene via professional forensic photography, to skillful witness statements.

In addition to our accident fraud evidence gathering, we provide additional services, such as Subrosa Surveillance video, when appropriate. Once the case is in litigation, we provide top-rate trial support. At True Solutions, you know your accident liability case is in the hands of insurance fraud investigation professionals.

For a free consultation or to get started right away on your project, call us for service throughout South Carolina and the US at (843) 472-2635, e-mail us .

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