Missing Person Locates

Missing person locates vary in degree of difficulty. In general, the more you know about the person, the easier the job. This is why we encourage clients to learn as much as possible about the parties involved in a legal matter. Whether it is an investigator taking a statement, an attorney taking a deposition or a legal assistant signing up a new client, it is important to get dates of birth, Social Security numbers, full addresses and names of friends or relatives, people that will know the whereabouts of the person should they move in the future.

The chart below describes the various services True Solutions LLC offers for “locate missing person.” For a free consultation or to get started right away on your process service project, call us for service throughout South Carolina and the US at (843) 472-2635, e-mail us .

Missing Person Search Options

Search LevelDescriptionCost
Level One
(Attorney skip-trace)
Used for initial locates.
85% success rate Requires last known address
Fixed Fee- $65*
Level Two For more difficult to locate subjects Includes additional database and telephone research Fixed Fee – $195*
Level Three For evasive subjects and “name only” locates Also used for adoption and birth parent locates Average cost: $325 and up

How do we locate people?
We have access to thousands of databases nationwide with millions of names and addresses. These include driver records, consumer profiles, social security data, post office forwarding data, mailing lists, magazine subscriptions, voter records, utility records, reverse telephone directories, real property records, and a host of other public and proprietary databases. (Some states restrict access to certain databases.)

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